Anti-Graffiti & Security Film

What is Anti-Graffiti Film?

Storefront glass and mirrors are prime targets for vandalism. Our Anti-Graffiti films protect against all forms of graffiti such as scratches, acid-etching and gouges. For a fraction of the cost of glass replacement our films are the best solution to protect glass and mirrors in public spaces.




Additional Uses 

Graffiti Film can also be used on metal or steel surfaces with a unique product called Metal Shield. Metal Shield is a thick Anti-Graffiti product that we apply to existing metal surfaces. This product is designed to return the surface back to it's orignal look. Brushed Aluminum and Stainless Steel options are available.

Common Applications

  • Elevators
  • Escalators 
  • Restrooms
  • Vending Machines
  • Wall Panels



What are the benefits of using Anti-Graffiti film?

  • Provides 99% UV protection for fading of storefront merchandise
  • Added security to deter break-ins and slow smash and grab intruders
  • Protects against acid etching of the glass or mirrors by vandals
  • Easily removable by a professional for quick re-application

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Security Film

Safety & Security film applications are a great way to strengthen and protect your glass against earthquakes or unwanted intruders. We offer clear security films that range in thickness from 4 to 14 mils. Some thicknesses are offered in solar control as well!

How will Safety & Security film protect your glass?

  • Strengthens glass in event of earthquakes and other natural disasters
  • Reduces damage and injury from shattered glass
  • Makes it more difficult for thieves to break-in
  • Attachment systems are available to further enhance the strength of your glass